WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS compared to a franchise

Our business system and the contract governing our relationship is very lean and simple.
It has a term of 12 months, at the end of which you are free to remain an MA Motor Point or become independent using only your own brand.
There are no royalties on sales or acquisitions, only a monthly service fee starting from the 2nd month.

How long to receive the first earnings?

You will start earning money right away.
In fact, the acquisition of a motorbike on consignment provides an income of 60 euros for the deposit alone for a minimum of three months. Considering the average acquisition rate per agency of 10 to 20 motorbikes per month, you will generates a monthly income between 600 and 1200 euros per month.

The sale of motorbikes is fast since the ads are published and motorbikes sold nationwide.
The profit per motorbike sold is calculated based on three main revenue sources:

  • The brokerage commission
  • The commission on financing
  • The road fitness commission

From a minimum of 400 euro to a maximum of 4,000 euro per motorbike sold.

What more can I sell in my shop?

Not being a franchise, the shop is 100% yours. Therefore, you can add to your store anything you like.

For example:
Apparel sales, motorbike rental, a body shop, new motorbikes for sale, and more

What agreements are needed

There is no need for an in-house body shop, but you will need a cooperation agreement with any external body shop and a motorisation agency for handling paperwork.

How to appraise a motorbike

We have already pre-set in our management programme a appraisal tool with three price ranges: retail price, showroom price, and cash pick-up price.

Shop features

We recommend a facility starting from a minimum of 80sqm, C1 or D8, with at least a retail section not necessarily on a busy road (nowadays everyone searches on the Internet and then visit the store) at a maximum recommended rent of 1300/1500 euro per month

How bikes are acquired

Acquisition is simple and is performed in the area near you by your agency by contacting all private motorbike sellers on the major industry websites who will be invited to your agency for a motorbike appraisal.

Once the price is agreed upon, they will leave the bike to you, on consignment.
For this first stage, you will be supported by your Tutor

Experience required

You do not need any experience in the motorbike industry to open an agency. Our coaching system has been designed and implemented for over 20 years so that it is accessible and profitable for anyone


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